Tips on Vehicle Safety

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Vehicle Safety Tips

A lot more goes into vehicle safety than just being a cautious driver. The condition of your vehicle, where you drive and how often all play a role in vehicle safety and the more you know about safety tips, the better you can protect yourself from accidents and tickets. At Petruzelo Insurance we know how dangerous the roads are, and with more cars being added every day the hazards are only going to increase. The best you can do is know what it takes to be a safe driver including knowing the laws, knowing your car and knowing how to be a defensive driver.

Know your Vehicle

You don't have to be a certified mechanic to learn a little about your car. Everyone who drives should at least be able to change a flat tire, check the oil and replace headlights. These tasks aren't difficult but you'd be surprised how many drivers can't do it. Simply turning the ignitions and expecting your vehicle to start and run properly isn't enough. Familiarize yourself with your car and know when something seems out of place. Again, you don't have to know your way around under the hood but you definitely need to know when something isn't right.

Maintenance & Tune Ups

Most drivers know the 3/3,000 rule. This means change your oil every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. However, you should also do routine maintenance checks on your brakes, tires, shocks and other components of your car to ensure everything is safe and working properly. Finding a mechanic you can trust is very important to vehicle safety and even if everything seems fine, if it's been awhile schedule your car for a tune up just to make sure. Spending a little now can save you a lot later.

Know and Obey the Laws

Even people who pass driver's education and get a license can still draw a blank when asked about specific laws. You don't need to be a policeman or lawyer to know driving over the speed limit, driving while under the influence of alcohol and changing lanes without signaling are against the law. It's also illegal to drive without wearing a seat belt, to text or call while driving and to operate a vehicle under a suspended license. Knowing the laws and following them are two different things. Don't just know the rules obey them to avoid tickets and infractions that could keep you off the road.

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