Tips on Teen Driver Safety

Father with Son Giving Driving Tips

Teen Driver Safety Tips

Getting a drivers license is one of those milestone moments. As soon as boys and girls become teenagers all they can think about is the freedom that comes with being able to drive legally. However, operating a motor vehicle is not a game and the privilege comes with a lot of responsibility.

At Petruzelo Insurance we know how exciting it is to get your driver's license but we also know how important it is to be safe. Here are a few tips for teenagers to ensure their experience with driving is both fun and safe.

Resist Peer Pressure: If you are the first of your friends to get a driver's license you will be getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of pressure to do things that are not safe or legal. Speeding, drinking and driving, racing other vehicles and spinning 'doughnuts' in parking lots are just a few of the bad ideas some people may encourage you to try. When you are behind the wheel you are responsible for the car and the people in it. Do not take the advice of friends just because you want to appear cool. Remember the rules of the road and put safety before your image.

Put the Phone Away: It's obvious that the next generation is attached to their phones. From calling and texting to games and shopping teenagers use their smartphones for almost everything. However, when driving it is crucial that you are not distracted and a phone can be your worst enemy when it comes to focusing. The best tip we can give is to turn your phone off or put it in the glove box while driving so you won't be tempted to glance at the screen. Leaving it in your pocket or in the cup holder where an alert is visible or audible is all it takes to distract you enough to cause an accident. You can't be tempted if you don't see it so hide the phone while driving.

It's a Car not a Recording Studio: One thing all teen drivers enjoy is singing along to the radio or their MP3 player. Listening to great tunes while cruising down an empty road is a simple pleasure we all indulge in but when the music is blaring and you and your friends are nearing jet engine decibels it's time to turn it down. If the music is too loud you won't be able to hear sirens, car horns and people yelling for you to hit the brakes. The next sound you might hear is that of your car hitting another car. You don't have to drive in absolute silence but you do need to be able to hear when others are trying to warn you so keep the music to a moderate volume level.

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