Tips on Safety During Snowmobile Season

Friends Riding Snowmobiles Safely

Snowmobile Safety Tips

If you stand any chance of surviving winter in New England you better start finding an outdoor hobby. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking and snowmobiling are all excellent ways to enjoy the abundance of snow that will surely fall. However, of all these activities only snowmobiles involve heavy vehicles that can go quite fast and flip over in certain scenarios.

At Petruzelo Insurance we want everyone to enjoy winter so we offer some tips for making your snowmobiling safer.

Inspection – As with cars and insurance, it always helps to have your snowmobile checked before each season to ensure it is running smooth. Any faulty part can lead to a breakdown and depending on how fast you are going or if you are attempting jumps this can prove to be pretty dangerous. Always have your snowmobile looked over by a professional before heading for the slopes.

Ride Safe – Winter X Games make snowmobile stunts look cool. However, the people performing these stunts are trained pros and if you think you can match skills with these guys, think again. Going a little fast or gliding over a small jump is one thing, getting airborne and attempting flips is another. Reduce the chance of serious accidents occurring by riding safely and not pushing the vehicle beyond its limitations.

Ride with Others – In addition to riding safe, you should also ride with others. Traveling alone on a freezing cold winter's day can be dangerous if your sled breaks down. Be with friends and try not to veer to far from the group.

Inspect the Course – Before riding take a quick look at the course and see how the snow feels. Some conditions are more ideal than others and if a blizzard is brewing you may want to reconsider your ride for the day. Stick to terrain you know and if venturing onto new ground have a rider who has been there before.

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