Tips on Motorcycle Season Safety

Motorcycle Driving Safely on Highway

Motorcycle Season Tips

When spring hits Connecticut you'll know. It won't be because of blossoming flowers or chirping birds, rather it will be the loud roar of motorcycles coming to life after winter hibernation. Biker men and women in Connecticut love taking to the open road when the weather warms up and showing off their well maintained cruisers and street bikes. However, not everyone is a fan of motorcycles and many car drivers resent having to share the road with bikers. It's not that car drivers are out to get them but they very often forget to look for motorcycles when driving. If you are a motorcycle rider you need to be extra cautious since you can't count on other motorists to be safe for you.

Prepare Your Motorcycle

From November to March chances are your bike has been kept in storage, and if you haven't been tinkering with it you will need to do a thorough inspection to ensure everything is working properly. Check the lights, brakes and turn signals as well as the oil and fuel levels before taking your bike out for a ride. It is also recommended to position the mirrors correctly and to check all cables to make sure none are worn or frayed. When a car part malfunctions it's fairly easy to pull over but when something goes wrong on a motorcycle it often ends up in a dangerous fall.

Safe Riding Tips

Many of these motorcycle safety tips are obvious but it never hurts to hear it again to reinforce how important it is to be protected when riding. Always wear a helmet and pick one that has the DOT label, which means it meets federal safety standards. Stick to the speed limit, always use your signals and don't be that guy who weaves between cars at traffic lights to get first in line. Remember, you are sharing the road, not owning it, and the more chances you take with illegal lane changes and swerving into break down lanes the greater risk you run of being in an accident. Car drivers have enough trouble seeing other cars in their blind spots so imagine how hard it is to see a motorcycle. Don't tailgate and always use your headlights to make other drivers aware of your presence.

Protect your Body

No matter how safe a rider you are there's always a chance you'll have to stop suddenly and this can mean a spill with a nasty drag along the unforgiving pavement. Give yourself an extra layer of skin by investing in genuine leather jackets, boots, gloves and chaps that will help reduce the extent of road rash.

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