Seasonal Home Insurance CT: Protecting Your Second or Vacation Home

Second Home

Protecting Your Second or Vacation Home

A second home can provide a place to relax free from the everyday stresses of life where you spend the majority of your time. If you have a second home that you use at certain times of the year, for extended vacations, or simply for occasional weekend retreats, you should protect it with insurance just like you do with your primary home by purchasing a seasonal home insurance policy. The terms may be different than the homeowners insurance you have for your primary house in some key ways.

What Does Seasonal Home Insurance Cover?

A seasonal home insurance policy can provide you with many of the same protections you get with a conventional homeowners insurance policy. It can protect you in the event of property damage caused by a storm, natural disaster, or accident. Some policies cover any events that are not specifically excluded, while others only cover named perils. A seasonal home insurance policy can provide you with liability coverage in case someone is injured in an accident at your second home and can cover your personal property if items are damaged or stolen.

How Might a Seasonal Home Insurance Policy Differ from the Policy for a Primary Home?

The insurance policy for your second home may be different than your homeowners insurance policy for your primary residence. Some of the things that make second homes attractive also make them riskier and more expensive to insure. For example, if you have a vacation home on the beach, the insurance company may be concerned about the risk of flooding. Most insurance policies exclude flooding unless the homeowner purchases additional coverage that specifically covers that peril. Purchasing flood insurance for a house near the beach could mean that your insurance rates for the house you only use occasionally could be significantly higher than the rates for the home you use the majority of the time.

Compare Quotes for Seasonal Home Insurance

If you own a second home, you should definitely protect it with insurance. An accident, theft, or natural disaster can occur at any time, either when you are there on vacation or when you are hundreds of miles away at your primary residence. Having seasonal home insurance can give you peace of mind that you will be covered if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Petruzelo Insurance can help you compare rates for seasonal home insurance from several leading insurers. We can help you make sure you will be covered if anything goes wrong at your second home while you are there on vacation or when you are at your primary residence. Contact us today to get a quote for seasonal home insurance.

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