Tips on Preparing for Winter

Car Driving in Winter

Preparing for Winter

Winter in Connecticut can be very scenic but also quite dangerous. Known for heavy snow falls, ice and freezing temperatures, the Nutmeg State presents drivers and homeowners with a wide variety of hazards that could lead to accidents and damage if people aren't careful. At Petruzelo Insurance we want everyone to be safe this winter so we offer some helpful tips for bracing your home and vehicle for the rough weather ahead.

Home Safety Tips

Preparing your home for the winter is very important. Without proper inspections and maintenance you run the risk of serious damage that could leave you with a leaky roof, poorly insulated windows and flooded basements. Your first area of concern should be the roof. Heavy snow and ice can cause weak roof to buckle under the pressure. If you have an older roof and have not had maintenance done on it, an insurance claims adjuster may deny your claim if it is determined you could have prevented the damage. Hire a professional roofer to look over your roof before the weather gets bad to ensure you have a solid roof over your head.

Another area for concern is the heating system. To save money many homeowners will hold out turning the heat on until it is absolutely necessary. However, if you wait until mid-December and the weather is freezing you run the risk of pipes bursting. Always test run your heating system before you need it to ensure everything is working properly and hire an HVAC specialist to inspect anything that seems out of order.

Car Safety Tips

Being stuck on a snow covered highway or rural back road is no fun. Connecticut has experienced some very sudden and sever Nor'easters that have stranded motorists all over the state. It is crucial that any driver in Connecticut have a well-stocked vehicle emergency kit in the car or truck. Being stuck with a dead battery in the freezing cold can be extremely dangerous. This winter, make sure your car has essential supplies including:

Spare Tire
Flash Light and Batteries
Thermal Blankets
Food Bars and Purified Drinking Water
Jumper Cables
Ice Scraper and Shovel

It is also recommended that you take your car in for a full tune-up before December. Checking that all the fluids are topped off, that your tires are rotated and in solid condition and that the brakes are functioning properly can help avoid sliding, skidding and being stranded. Last, make sure your car insurance is up to date and provides the coverage you need.

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