Tips on Preparing for Snowstorms

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Preparing for Snowstorms

Anyone who has spent a winter in Connecticut knows that heavy snowfall is always possible. While the Nutmeg State doesn't get the consistent blizzards that Minnesota or upstate New York are used to, there are still plenty of times between December and February when parts of Connecticut can see anywhere from 6" to 12" of snow during a single storm.

If you own a home or a business you need to be prepared for these storms. Nor'easters can form quickly and turn a mild day into a snow-filled disaster in no time. While you can't control the amount of snow that falls, you can prepare to reduce the chances of damage to your home or office and to remove snow and ice quickly to avoid a slip and fall that could turn into a lawsuit.

The first thing any homeowner or building owner should do is have the roof and gutters inspected. If you neglect the condition of the roof and gutters and heavy snow causes sections to collapse, you could be denied a claim since an adjuster will determine you could have taken steps to prevent the damage. Having your roofs and gutters inspected before the first snowfall will let you know if any repairs need to be made to keep your home or office protected.

The next thing you need to check is that you have the equipment to remove heavy snow or can contract with a service that will do it for you. Having a driveway, parking lot or walkway full of snow is a serious hazard and the longer you wait to clear it the harder it will be to shovel. After a snowstorm the temperature often drops meaning soft snow can become ice hard in a matter of hours. This makes it very hard to remove the snow and soon you will have no choice but to enlist the service of a heavy-duty plow.

If your walkways and stairs are not cleared of snow and ice there is a very good chance someone could slip and fall. If it happens on your property you are liable and if an injury occurs you could be the target of a lawsuit that won't be cheap. Clearing snow and ice is a high priority after a snowstorm.

Lastly, when heavy snow falls there is always a chance it will knock down power lines. This can mean no electricity, heat or running water in your home or office. Prepare for these situations by stocking up on emergency supplies such as back-up generators, warm blankets, purified drinking water, food bars and flashlights. It may be a few hours before power is restored but with the right supplies you can get through it.

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