Here’s Your Holiday Season Home Security Reminder

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Here’s Your Holiday Season Home Security Reminder

Warmer weather has finally arrived in Connecticut. After a long winter, most people are ready to open their windows, eat al fresco and go for a swim. Before you open your pool and start your summer fun, consider these 5 safety measures to ensure your summer is accident free.

Teach Children Proper Pool Etiquette

The holiday season is now upon us. Warm summer months are long gone, the clocks have been set back, and retail stores are now lined with festive décor and gifts to help consumers complete their shopping lists for the gift-giving season.

While there’s typically a dash to make it through the month, it can also be easy to lose track of time and skip important steps in your daily routine. Steps that when overlooked, can put your home and belongings at risk.

Stay protected this holiday season by brushing up on critical security precautions that protect your home.

Locked Doors Are Your First Line of Defense

You might be alarmed to hear that most home burglars have made their way into homes simply through an unlocked door or window. As you’re running around for last minute gifts and to holiday parties, it’s easy to shut the door behind you and not realize the lock wasn’t turned, or that the window the in bathroom was left cracked open after your shower.

Pausing for a few seconds before you walk away from your home to check that everything has been locked and that the alarm is activated takes only a few more seconds and could save you from frustration and loss.

If you’ll be away for an extended period of time or traveling over the holidays it’s also a good idea to use security cameras or a trusty neighbor or relative to keep a close eye on the home.

Be Clever to Outwit Thieves

It doesn’t take an elaborate scheme to come up with a plan that will thwart thieves over the holidays. If you’re posting all over social media that you’ll be gone for the holidays that information can easily get into the wrong person’s hands. Tell only your close family and friends about your travel plans. Even if you’re not home, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like you are. Set timers on your lights so they’re on and the house looks occupied. Don’t put out large boxes by the curb for trash collection that are a giveaway about your large new purchases. Taking these simples steps to protect your home will often be enough to detract potential thieves from even coming close.

Safety from Within

Sometimes, the threat isn’t from outside. If you’ll be opening your home to guests over the holidays you should exercise caution about where you leave your valuables. Jewelry, cash and other pricey electronics should be stored in a protected area for safe keeping. If you’re letting others use your computers and devices remember to always log out of accounts and keep your pin and passwords private.

Follow these tips and enjoy the holidays this upcoming season without worries that your home and belongings will be put at risk.

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