Tips on Buying Classic Car Insurance

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Buying Classic Car Insurance Tips

Classic cars can be a lot of fun to own and in some cases are wise investments. If you own a vintage or classic car, or are thinking about purchasing one, you will need to insure the vehicle with special insurance coverage. Since vintage and classic cars are driven less frequently than standard cars the rates for insuring one are often less expensive than traditional insurance but there are restrictions and qualifications you need to be aware of. Before you start looking for insurance for a classic car keep in mind a few tips that will help you make the best decision when it comes to protecting your vintage car.

Requirements – Depending on the company you choose for insuring your classic car there may be certain restrictions and qualifications involved. Some companies will insist that the principal driver has five or more years experience driving and may also prohibit anyone with less than the required amount of experience from operating the vehicle. Insurance companies may also insist that the classic car be safely stored in a garage when not in use and that the garage has a lock on it. If you leave a classic car outdoors year round you may have a hard time finding someone to insure it.

Vehicle Qualifications – Before you seek out classic car insurance make sure your vehicle qualifies as a classic car. Just because you fancy your car to be special and a collector's item doesn't make it so. Generally, a vehicle that is at least ten years old, is a rare model and has special historical significance due to limited production will qualify as a classic car. However, depending on the age of the vehicle it may also be classified as antique or vintage and this can affect how much insurance you end up paying. Do some research on the particular type of vehicle you have and find out whether it is considered a classic car before you start shopping around for classic car insurance.

Appraisals – Don't sign anything until you have your classic car inspected by a professional with experience appraising rare and vintage automobiles. Putting a value on a 1925 Model T Ford can be difficult and it helps when you have the input of an expert in the field who can help determine the real condition of the car including the performance of the engine. Once you know the value of your classic car you will be able to look for coverage that fits the appraised value of your vehicle.

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