Tips on Driving in the Winter

Driving in the Winter

Winter Driving Tips

Connecticut can get hit by some pretty foul weather in the winter. From driving nor'easters and high wind ice storms to sub-zero temperatures and black ice on the roads the conditions in Connecticut can get bad and when you have to drive on highways or roads it's in your best interest to heed some helpful safety tips to avoid unnecessary accidents. You also have to give thought to the fact that you might be stranded someplace due to a dead battery or because of a collision with another car. Having your car prepared for winter hazard scenarios will go a long way in determining how enjoyable your winter commute in Connecticut is.

Prepare in Advance

You don't want to wait for the first snowfall to start taking safety precautions when it comes to driving. Beating the rough winters in Connecticut requires careful planning and starting in the fall you should start preparing your car for winter by stocking up on some important emergency supplies including flashlights, blankets, jumper cables, flares, spare gasoline, a shovel and windshield scrapers. Bad weather can strike fast and what started out as a sunny day can soon have 12" of snow piling up so you need to prepare your car in advance and store these items in an area that is easily accessible, usually the trunk or back seat.

Driving Safety

When snow or ice start to impede driving you need to start driving with more caution to avoid an accident. The first rule is to slow down. Wet snow and ice can cause cars to swerve and slide and the faster you are driving the harder it is to get out of a spin. If the speed limit says 35mph go down to 25mph and have your headlights on. Turn on the defroster and make sure your windows are clear. If you have to pull to the side and use a windshield scraper to clear any ice or snow that is blocking your vision.

Try not to slam on the breaks. Locking up the tires can cause a bad skid and create a collision with nearby vehicles. Maintain a slow but steady pace and pump the breaks periodically if you have to slow. Should you be in a slide don't jerk on the wheel or hit the gas. Put the car in neutral and wait for the slide to end. Last, always have a fully charged cell phone and GSP system to get word out immediately that you are stuck or have been in an accident.

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