Tips on Buying a Car

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Buying a Car

For many people buying a car is a stressful ordeal. Because of all the warnings they've heard about shady car salesman and rip-offs a lot of people shopping for a car are nervous and on-guard when they should be at ease and comfortable. At Petruzelo Insurance we know the anxiety that comes along with making a large financial investment and we want you to be prepared so that when you are ready to purchase a new or used car, you'll be ready.

Know the Car and Price

Chances are you have a pretty good idea of the type of car you want. Whether it's a 2-door sports coupe or a full size sedan, you've seen enough ads and spotted enough models to know what car is right for you. Before you go into a dealership or walk on a lot, do your research. Find out as much as you can about the specific make and model you are interested in including the MSRP sticker price, any reports of manufacturer recalls and actual owner feedback you can often find in online forums. The more you know about the car you want the more comfortable you will feel when it comes time to negotiate.

New or Used

Everyone wants a brand new car but sometimes it's just not in the budget. Today money is tight and if the down payment and monthly payments of a new car are beyond your means you may want to consider buying used. Of course, used cars will require a substantial down payment as well but won't include the regular payments that come with a new car. Take the time to think about your needs and whether it makes more sense to invest in a brand new vehicle or if a used one will be enough to get by.


No matter what type of car you buy or if it's new or used, you're going to need insurance. In Connecticut, car insurance is the law and you need to carry the state minimum. Car insurance prices will vary due to a number of factors and it's a wise move to know in advance what your monthly payments will be before you buy a car that may be too costly to insure.

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