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What Is High Risk Car Insurance?

When insurance companies assess someone looking for car insurance they choose between two types of definitions: low risk and high risk. Those that are classified as high risk probably have been in multiple car accidents, have a number of traffic citations on their record or may even have a DUI or DWI conviction. These infractions make the driver a high risk for insurance companies since their history suggests they don't drive safely and are prone to tickets and accidents.

People that fall under the high risk category may think that it is too expensive to get insurance. However, driving in Connecticut without insurance is illegal and if caught you are looking at more problems than a high insurance rate.

In most cases, a driver will be considered high risk because of:

Multiple Car Accidents
Multiple Traffic Violations and/or Speeding Tickets
Conviction of Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated
Poor Credit Score/History
Just Received Driver's License

Other factors may also be involved but those listed above are usually what an insurance company will look at to determine if you qualify as high risk.

If you are a high risk driver it's not the end of the world. You can still shop around and find carriers that will offer affordable car insurance rates. Some companies will offer flexible payment plans to help you afford the car insurance you need.

Time heals all wounds and steering clear of accidents and tickets you can improve your situation. The more you work to clean up your driving record the easier it becomes to get lower car insurance rates.

Regardless of your driving history, the agents at Petruzelo can help you get affordable car insurance. For information about high risk car insurance, call 1-866-479-3327


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